Hey, I'm Connor!

I have grown up in and been shaped by the punk community more than anything else in life. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours taking pictures in dark music venues, dingy basements, and outdoor auditoriums. I’ve learned creating art and bringing people together are the things I’m most driven by. Being a part of the punk rock community, I’ve spent my life learning I despise how capitalism and greed shape our society. I’m here to give you a photography experience you aren’t accustomed to.  All of my work is priced on a sliding scale to make professional photos accessible to everyone in the communities I’m a part of. 

I went to school to be a teacher and have spent over a decade working in child centered roles ranging from recess supervisor to managing the aquatics department at the only Y in the nation that’s just for kids. Being creative is absolutely my best trait for both youth work and photography. Now I combine those two to get your kids laughing, running, and playing in the pictures I’ll capture for you. Book a photo shoot with me when you’re ready for pictures that look more genuine and full of emotion than you’ll see from other photographers. 

Shoot me an email or a text and we will get you booked for a photo session that will make you feel just like you. 

T: 269.271.3164
E: hardstylinphotography@gmail.com

The Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is a business partner with Hardstylin’ Photography and a group I’m more than happy to give some space here. Their headquarters are at 601 W Maple in Kalamazoo and is a beautiful wedding venue and they are fantastic to work with. Go get married there and I’ll be your photographer!